What is COMFU?

Comfu.org (Common Future) is a global online learning community for young people.

On Comfu net learners can publish and share their work with young people from around the world. They can, for instance, create their personal profile, form groups, write news, articles, personal blogs and comments and share photos and videos.

A login is required to see the personal profiles of the participants.

To facilitate the work the following have been developed:
Furthermore a community manager follows and assists the process closely. He also has the mandate to exclude members who do not behave according to the netiquette. ??

Comfu is an educational engine that can be fed with different contents and learning goals, but the 'Driver' and the basic structure are the same.

Comfu gives young people from around the world a unique opportunity to create relationships, friendships, dialogue and collaboration with other young people, whom they would not have met otherwise. They also get the possibility to learn about differences and similarities of their countries and cultures.

A user says
890 members from more than 30 countries on comfu.org

26146 activities ? i.e. publications, uploads, comments, status-updates, friendships started etc.

939 blogs

123 groups

4542 photos uploaded

466 videos published
After three rounds Comfu is closed. We are in-between project :-)

We are looking for global orientated project-makers, who needs the Comfu platform for their great idea.


The vision is to find ways to revive Comfu with exiting new projects and make it possible for students around the globe to experience the comfu spirit.

Download a more detailed description of the Comfu Community.

Contact community manager Jesper Lambaek
for more info, on how You can use COMFU.